Friday, March 9, 2018

Gold rose but apparently not for

Gold rose, but apparently not for long

Today prices
gold goes up. Now (at 13.30 MSK)
It is trading at 1 200.40 USD
per troy ounce, gaining 0.29% on the
compared with yesterday's close.
Breaking through an important resistance level
1200 dollars, gold is supported
ETF-funds in America and
slight decline of the dollar
against the euro.

In recent
week precious metals market reacted
on how different monetary measures
policies in different countries. The Fed is now
directed towards tightening
monetary policy and the ECB and the Bank of Japan
continue to soften her. This raises
dollar, reduced the percentage
break-even inflation rate. Both of these factors
put pressure on the gold course - and in the medium
term, it is still likely,
continue to fall, do not stay on
around 1200 dollars and above.

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