Thursday, March 29, 2018

End of salary of slavery in Russ

The end of the salary of slavery in Russia

today in Russia takes
force the law, according to which each
working citizen has the right to
to choose a bank for their
salary account. "Salary slavery"
which was imposed on the citizens by
a bank, a convenient one way or another
organization today
declared illegal.

secret that the so-called payroll
projects in many banks still
signed because of the "kickbacks" and
friendly arrangements. With this
moment the employee has the right to replace the bank.
No later than five working days before
transfer of wages, he must notify the
employer about changing your details,
where you want to transfer money.

Another innovation in the law, orphans
and children left without care
parents can now open deposits
at any bank (of course, on condition
mandatory deposit insurance). Before
that orphans can have their own
deposits only in the "Savings Bank".

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