Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ruble on Tuesday strongly weakens

Ruble on Tuesday strongly weakens against the backdrop of falling oil prices

The Russian national
currency falls against the dollar and the euro in
Tuesday. The reason was a sharp again
lower oil prices - yesterday she
He reached five-year lows. TO
end of the year, many companies and banks
remain outstanding foreign loans,
and it also plays against the ruble.

The current weakening
Russian currency may limit
Only "sudden" currency intervention
Central Bank, which many participants
Trading is very welcome. If the Board of Directors
Central Bank announced on Thursday to raise
interest rates, the ruble can still

At 11:02 MSK on the pair USD / RUB
trading at
54.24 rubles. (Above 0.87%), a pair of EUR / RUB
- at the level of 66.83 rubles.
(Above 1%).

The second week the ruble
several times is in a tense
situation and constantly updates the absolute
lows. From 27 November prices fall heavily
Oil, which only accelerates the negative
movement quotes and ruble.

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