Friday, March 16, 2018

He earned joint stock exchange

He earned a joint stock exchange of Hong Kong and Shanghai: many interested foreign investors

Investors from other
countries have shown great interest
the shares of Chinese companies today,
When we launched the cooperation program
the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai. by the
nine am MSK foreign investors
bought shares of Chinese companies 13
billion yuan (just over $ 2 billion). About it
writes today Bloomberg.

At the same time, demand for
Hong Kong stocks from companies
Chinese investors was about
1.4 billion yuan.

According to brokers,
trading of shares under the program
the relationship of the two exchanges are easy.
Recall that this program - one of the
the main steps of the Chinese authorities to
In order to open access to foreign
investors to the markets of the country's capital.
That is how the world will be able to increase
the use of the yuan, as well as to transform
Shanghai into an international financial

"There is a feeling that
Foreign investors prefer
shares of Chinese companies that do not have
listing in Hong Kong, - says manager
Hengsheng Asset Management in Shanghai Dai Ming. -
Enthusiasm for Hong Kong
actions by the Chinese investors
not too many, and one of the problems
It is that these investors are not too
familiar with the rules of trade".

Under the terms of the program
interaction, foreign investors,
which have a brokerage account in Hong Kong,
gain access to the Chinese stock
market. Also merchants from mainland
China, who counts not less than 500 thousand.
yuan, can buy shares of Hong Kong

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