Wednesday, March 7, 2018

RSI Alerts MT5

RSI Alerts MT5

Addition to the standard indicator Relative Strength Index (RSI), which allows you to configure different types of notifications about events related to this indicator. For those who do not know what this indicator is useful, read here. This version is for Metatrader 5 version for Metatrader 4 here.

Currently no events are implemented:

  • The intersection downwards - upper signal level (default 70), - a signal to sell.

  • The intersection of the bottom up - upper signal level (default 70), - a signal to sell.

  • Top-down - the lower the signal level (the default is 30) - the signal to buy.

  • The intersection of the bottom up - the lower signal level (default 30), - a buy signal.

  • Top-down - level 50 - a signal to sell.

  • The intersection of the bottom up - level 50 - buy signal.

It is possible to change the text in messages. The variables and messageUp messageDown, icons% level% will be replaced with the level that crossed the bar.

If necessary, the value of these signal levels is edited in variable settings - MaxLevel and MinLevel.

What types of notifications can be configured:

  • Audio signal with a window popping up messages - Alert.

  • Sending a notification to the mobile terminal (smartphones and tablets)

In order to enable the audio signal from popping up a message on the indicator RSI Alerts - you just have to include in the settings Alerts = true , that would turn off Alerts = false.

For what would you have come to your notice mobile terminal of the RSI signals including variable SendNotifications = true, pre-setting in the terminal settings MetaQuotes ID (If you do not know where).

Beep and notifications can be operated either simultaneously or separately.

There is also a parameter called alertShift - This candle number by which the signal is sought.

For example, if alertShift = 1, then the signals are supplied only to fully formed candlelight by the last of them.

And if you put alertShift = 0, then the signals will be received by the spark current - zero, note that in this case can be a false signal.

If you need is any additional functionality to the indicator, please.

RSI Alerts MT5

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