Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chinese are infected with virus

The Chinese are infected with virus technology Apple

Many years
believes that the operating system
iOS is
the safest in terms of infection
computer viruses, supposedly impossible
generally write a virus that
It is able to penetrate inside the device.
News from the BBC can
disappoint owners of gadgets from Apple.
Although it is possible that
it's just antipiar.

As the
header penetrates the Apple device
a new virus from China. specialists
cybersecurity warn that
discovered a dangerous new virus that
It affects Apple device.

company of
US called Palo Alto Networks reports
that WireLurker virus that attacks
devices from Apple (including iPhone, iPad and
Computers Mac), is likely to appear
in China. The company also said that
infected devices until only

virus in the device via applications
for Apple, which ustanavlivavayut of
third-party online stores. according to some
estimated, may have already been infected 140
million. devices. Employees Palo Alto Network
They call this a new type of virus threat
for all iOS-devices.

"WireLurker not
similar to other viruses infecting
Mac OS X and iOS operating systems"-
says head of security Palo Alto Networks
Ryan Olson. The strangest thing,
that the virus is still in the stage
development, and therefore it is not clear
final goal.

the last session was trading at $ 108.86.

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