Thursday, March 15, 2018

Three reasons why dollar should

Three reasons why the dollar should fall

Passed last
week's meeting of the ECB has given us to understand,
Mario Draghi will surely go up
end and prepared, in which case, to realize
a full-scale program of quantitative
easing. Rumors that he was not
support members of the council, denied
Draghi himself - he said that the solution
accepted unanimously. Like, none of
his colleagues do not doubt that the necessary
all these drastic measures. All this
shows one thing: the European
the stock market will get a good "feeding"
as ultrasoft policy already
in the coming months.

The US dollar
this week will not be easy - all events
could affect its dynamics, already
passed, the report on the
labor market a little disappointed - but
on him, investors have done very
a big bet. At the end of the week will
report on US retail sales, perhaps,
the only worthy of attention release,
but this is not enough to support the new
a wave of demand for the dollar. And because not
eliminated large-scale correction
US currency. And there are three

1. After Market Report
US Labor expectations for an early increase
rates are very weak.

2. A strong dollar begins
irritate politicians all over the world, so
it puts pressure on commodity prices (knock on
oil-producing countries) and limits the growth of
inflation. In addition, dollar
obligations more expensive, and in developing
countries the economic downturn. This means that
not excluded the intervention.

3. The latest data on evrofyuchersam say the number
short positions on EUR / USD
reached the highest level since
July 2012. And it is serious reason
to take profits on a blank
Economic calendar for
the next three weeks.

There are two strategies,
which can be selected depending on the
time periods in which you
work. If you are a short term trader,
it makes sense to consider buying EUR / USD c
target at 1.26. Long-term investors
you can wait for the growth of the pair, and enter
shorts at these levels, since the general
trend for the pair remains downward, and
there will be a fairly long

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