Monday, May 15, 2017

Forex Moola Fibonacci

Forex Moola Fibonacci

Expert Forex Moola is based on the grid patterns of trade. He in turn opens the position to buy and sell, and therefore does not require a large margin as using martingela / averaging.

Here are some important points regarding this expert:

  • Expert works on M5.

  • Recommended pair - EURUSD.

  • The distance between successive positions determined by the Fibonacci levels, rather than a fixed number of pips. So he gives the best results.

  • Expert is fully automatic. So, you need not worry about the size of the lot, take profit and stop loss. You only need to type in your account means that you want to use to open transactions, and Fx-Moola properly calculate the size of the lot, take-profit and stop-loss.

  • He shows take-profit and stop-loss. They are hidden from the brokers, so the brokers do not see, when the expert is going to close the position at a profit or a loss. So he brings a good result, despite some discrepancies brokers.

  • The expert uses a magic number, and can work with other advisors.

The following parameters are used in the Forex-Moola expert:

  • Magic Number: This setting allows you to combine the work of the expert work of other advisors.

  • Comments: Specified in this parameter, the text will be attached to each transaction in the form of a comment.

  • EquityUsed: The default value is 0.20. This means that 0.20% of the funds to your account will be used for the opening of the first position.

  • LotsIf Lots = 0, the expert will calculate automatically the lot according to the parameter EquityUsed. But if you want to specify a lot size, you need to configure this option by specifying, for example, Lots = 0.50.

  • LotsMultiplier: 2. The default value will be opened successive positions: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ......

  • Profit: 0 in the value of the expert will calculate the profit, otherwise you need to specify its value.

Forex Moola Fibonacci

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