Monday, May 29, 2017

Fibonacci Swing Scalp

Fibonacci Swing Scalp

Fibonacci Swing Scalp (Fibonacci-SS)

The indicator automatically sets Fibonacci line on the highs and lows of the visible part of the chart. Equipped with an automatic system of pending orders (buy / sell), the stop-loss (Stop Loss), Take Profit 1 (Taking Profit 1) Take Profit 2 (Taking Profit 2), as well as the most optimal ratio of risk to reward.

The indicator is quite simple and effective.

The basis of the indicator ratios are mathematical proportions, which are often found in nature, and objects created by man. Timely forecast of the market situation and effective indicators will provide you with a significant advantage over the majority of traders in the Forex market.

The product is suitable for swing and Scalping trade on any timeframe. It can be effectively used in combination with the time indicators or oscillators, e.g., CCI, RSI or Stochastic.


  • Depth - offset = calculated bars - depth (default 12).

  • Deviation - high / low deviation rates (default 5).

  • Backstep - show the entry point to the history of the visual analysis of the chart.

  • Alert - enable / disable push-notification when you touch the Fibonacci price zone.

Fibonacci Swing Scalp

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