Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Recovery Pro

Recovery Pro

It is completely automated and adaptive advisor using restoration algorithm zone (Zone Recovery Algorithm) in strategic places.

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  • 100% automated trading

  • It works with any broker

  • Responsible FIFO Privalov

  • All transactions are protected by stop-loss and take-profit

  • I am not sensitive to spreads

  • Uses built a comprehensive indicator to determine the conditions for trade

  • It can be used for scalping, swing trading and long term, depending on the settings

  • The adviser works on any pair and timeframe. The default settings are designed for couples EURUSD H1.


  • Recovery Strategy - choose the strategy of the reduction zone

  • Reuse Zones - increases the number of transactions in the zone

  • Max Hedge Orders - the maximum number of hedging positions

  • Pending Order Min Space - minimum distance in pips from the purchase and sale of lines for opening pending orders

  • Max Drawdown Allowed (%) - emergency closure of all trades when it reaches the specified percentage drawdown

  • Spread in Pips - enter the spread used by your broker

  • min Bars - minimum number of bars for finding signals

  • Deviation - the maximum deflection of support and resistance levels

  • Range Filter - increasing the value of avoiding market noise

  • Min Zone Pips - the minimum interval in pips, which can be considered as a recovery zone

  • Max Zone Pips - maximum range in pips, which can be considered as a recovery zone

  • Max History Bars - the maximum number of historic bars for reading

  • auto Lots - at true used money management based on risk level. at false use fixed items

  • Risk - use a percentage to calculate the risk value of lots.

  • Manual Lots - lot size is set manually.

  • Magic Number - magic number at (-1) is set automatically

  • Trade Comment - councilor comment


  • VPS-server

  • Leverage at least 1: 200

  • Minimum balance: 1000 for standard accounts for 10 Cent accounts

  • When using low broker spreads improved results.

Recovery Pro


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