Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Triple Container

Triple Container

TRIPLE CONTAINER a fully automated expert held for trading EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD

  • Do not customize the results by historical data.

  • To ensure that it works with any type of brokers, We tested an expert on multiple data sources

  • It is proposed to use it as a portfolio for the three currencies simultaneously

Trading method / logic

Well no

additional information



Grid X
Arbitration X
Trend following

Price action



SL hard and change
breakeven VAuto
Trailing Stop V Automatically, and changing

pending orders 

Vat least 5 pips from market price
Perfect logic input

VWeighted Moving Average + patterns closing bar
Money management V


  • Account currency - USD

  • Broker - any, ECN

  • We recommend the use of VPS

  • Shoulder - at least 1: 100

  • Charts - EUR / USD M15

  • GBP / USD - M15

  • AUD / USD - M15

  • The minimum deposit - $ 100 per 0.01 lots

Settings and input parameters

Description parameter

Recommended value

Money management: RiskInPercentCalculation of risk depending on the deposit and leverage accounts
< 2.0
TradeLong / TradeShort

Specify the type of transaction
Both parameter value TRUE
ExitTimeOnFridaySpecify the time closing deals on Friday (TIME MetaTrader!)
market closing time - 10 minutes. For example, "22:50"

Trading with brokers, forming bars on Saturdays and / or Sundays
Both parameter value TRUE
max Slippage

To filter the slip when sending transactions
< 3
Magic number.

Under normal circumstances there is no need to change this setting. But when using the account of several experts make sure that the magic number is different from other robots.figures

Author: Matusiak Adrian - winner of the competition for automated trading RVD Markets, as well as the winner of the competition RVD Newcomers.

Triple Container

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