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CAP Asian Scalper EA

CAP Asian Scalper EA

CAP Asian Scalper- Advisor is using a range breakout strategy to enter a quiet market. EA trades scalping for small deviations of the price. For successful operation requires a broker with small spread. Fully optimized for the EURUSD M15. It can also be used on other pairs like USDCAD, EURGBP, USDCHF. It trades on the basis of performance of several indicators, is not a scalper. Necessary leverage of 1: 300 or more, and the broker with a low spread. It is recommended to work with a broker with low spreads and VPS. You can start using it to $ 100.

Main advantages

  • It does not martingale.

  • Always use stop-loss orders to protect assets.

  • Easy-to-use.

  • Optimized for all currency pairs (recommended low spread).

  • It does not use hedging.

  • Low drawdown.

  • It works with different brokers.

Business requirements

  • A good broker.

  • Good internet connection.

  • Resistance.

  • The minimum leverage of 1: 300.

Testing on historical data

The expert uses tick data. Test Advisor on historical data on EURUSD with M15 timeframe in the "Every tick", choose the best options.

Advisor CAP Asian Scalper M15 is designed for graphics, but it can be optimized for any pair and timeframe. Try the demo version now!

Input parameters

EA CONFIGURATIONS - Configuration advisor

  • ActiveStrategy: choice of a trading strategy.

  • DailyMaxTrade: the maximum number of transactions per day. 0 - disabled.

  • MaximumSpreads: maximum spread at which allowed the opening of the transaction. If spread exceeds this value, the transaction will not be opened. Please note that the indicated spread in pips.

  • ECNBroker - install true using ECN-accounts, in other cases - False. It can be set to a value True on all types of accounts.

  • EmailAlert - email-notification when you open a new trade.

  • PushAlert - notification on your mobile device when you open a new trade.

  • Slippage - allowable slip when opening transaction (Pips).

STRATEGY_1 SETTING - setting strategy 1

  • MagicNumber: the magic number for the Strategy 1.

  • Fix Lots: fixed lot size for trading.

  • Risk Percentage: Automatic calculation of the lot on the basis of this option, if Fix Lots == 0.

STRATEGY_2 SETTING - Strategy Settings 2

  • MagicNumber: magic number for strategy 2.

  • Fix Lots: fixed lot size for trading.

  • Risk Percentage: Automatic calculation of the lot on the basis of this option, if Fix Lots == 0.


  • AutoGMT: when True, automatically determine the mode of GMT (not for the tester!).

  • Manual GMT offset: Manual definition of GMT.

REMEMBER: This EA is intended only for the Asian market, so it is important to specify the correct time zone in the broker 'Manual GMT Offset' parameter.


Capilta Business Solutions

CAP Asian Scalper EA

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