Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Silver collapsed on forecasts

Silver collapsed on forecasts by the Fed and China

On Monday afternoon,
futures silver fallen up to the
price from July 2010, as
growing expectations of growth of credit
rates in the US and fears that China is not
will promote economic
promotion, putting pressure on

On the Comex division
silver for delivery in December fell ??
to a session low of $ 17.33 per troy
ounce, the lowest level since July 28
2010. During European morning
Bid prices recovered to the last
bargain at $ 17.60, down 24.1 cents,
or 1.35%.

The price on Friday ??
silver lost 67.3 cents, or 3.63%, to
$ 17.84. Futures are likely to find
support at $ 17.18, the low of June 7, 2010
year low and resistance at $ 18.59, the high of
September 19th.

Also on the Comex gold from
delivery in December fell to ??
a session low of $ 1208.90 per troy
ounce, the weakest point since January 2,
before trading at $ 1214.60, down $ 2.00, or

Copper delivery
?? December fell by 5.0 cents, or
1.61% to trading at $ 3.042 per pound, minimum
from June 15.

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