Friday, July 29, 2016

Rules of my trading strategy

The rules of my trading strategy

General provisions

Working hours
Hours: The first transaction not earlier 12:00 Moscow time. Last, permitting volatility may be about 20:30.

Before you start working, shower breakfast, everything. Further included terminal and 15 minutes look at the chart. After the spent on a warrant transaction 15 to 30 minute break in the opposite direction do not take the deal. If somewhere waste (lunch), then return the transaction did not immediately open, watching 15 minutes.
The trading time is nothing new to write!
Opened trade - doderzhi to order! Which I would not have opened, even if it was a mistake.

indicator profiles
Bollinger Bands - 24, 2
RSI - 5 (85/15)

trading interval
M1, M2, M3 - Schedule hanging on the M1.


capital controls
A stop order is always 3%.
Profit-order: Standard is set 1 / 1.9. Profit not to touch.
Hold the position until operation of one of the warrants.
Wait for the correction. Profit from the goal a little closer.



Flat divergence (peaks in the chart are for oscillator divergence koterdvizhenie not long trend)
Brokeback divergence (peaks on the graph - the discrepancy on the oscillator allowed equal peaks - 85/15 koterdvizhenie not long trend) - for both divergence: if the signal candle absorption, only two candles.

Pinbar of resistance (tape, resistance outset)
Pinbar the level (feed, level, sideways)

Tailed tadpole (departure for resistance tailed top, snatch a candle outset, only the sale)
Tadpole - veil (departure for the resistance, the veil, the jerk one candle outset, only the sale)
Retreat from the level (the level of the tape, the absorption of 2-3 candles, sideways)

A retreat from the tape (the level is not required for the removal of the tape a strong move, meditation, candle strong return to the channel. Trend sideways)


Key points of entry points

1. Divergence
At the first peak of the flight of the tape - always, without interpretations. Departure sharp jerk 2-3 candles.

2. Pinbar
There is a strong movement against it. Outset. no trend

3. Tadpole
Lateral movement. Schedule somewhere in the middle of the screen. No uplink.

4. End of the level.
Absorption 2-3 small candles one marubotsu. Lateral movement. No uplink.

5. End of the tape.

Candlestick combination with a pit in the middle.


Reversal levels for setups № 3,4,7

1. Hump layer (formed steer market forms a mound)
2. Mirror level (level have losses or formed hillock or spike after lights out on the level of breakdown on the back side)
3. Separately growing spike (formed large, sudden tail)

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