Friday, August 25, 2017

TimeScalper Advanced

TimeScalper Advanced

The advanced version of the adviser TimeScalper Free works on all currencies, and contains additional features and a new strategy!

Expert works on internal logic, does not require additional indicators.

After the number of downloads has reached the previous version of 4000, I decided to re-encode the same adviser: input logic is preserved, but now it can be controlled by the input parameters.

In this new version adds a "reverse Martingale". How does he work? Unlike used in other systems experts hazardous martingale that double lot size after the loss, the Advisor does the opposite: after profitable transactions it increases the size of the lot to 3 times according to the automatic money management system.

Also added function of a virtual stop. This feature limits the losses on the internal formula risk-based. This function is used in addition to the standard stop-loss.

The values ​​of the input parameters:

  • Risk - percentage based on a balance of risk.

  • TrailingStop - less than the trailing stop, the better. However, some brokers may not accept the default, you will need to increase it.

  • StopLoss - It protects the expense of the studs and big losses.

  • OpenValue - value is used for entry. High value = less transactions and more accurate. Low value = more sales, more mistakes. This value must be optimized during testing history.

As with any advisor scalper requires broker with a minimum of delay and low spreads.

TimeScalper Advanced

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