Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tsipras can not convince Greeks

Tsipras can not convince Greeks the necessity of a new transaction

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras of the second day in a row
He meets with his Parliament in
Athens to get the approval of the package
austerity measures, which essentially
Now the coalition could break into two
half. And all because the requirements
lenders to increase taxes and cut
pensions are directly opposed
the promises made by his party
Syriza. However, official approval
the agreement must be obtained before
Wednesday to start talks on a new
loan of 86 billion euros.

Dozens of members of the party
Syriza and some lawmakers said,
they rebel against cuts
Tsipras is now necessary to count
Only on the support of the opposition.

potential conflicts in the ruling
Party, we believe that the transaction will be
approved with the support of the opposition
parties", - says the analyst of Roubini Global
Economics Nouriel Roubini. Nevertheless,
legalization reform plan means that
Greece "have to endure considerable
austerity measures and other
reforms, all of which are difficult to implement,
it is difficult to consolidate and perhaps difficult
to take the society".

It seems that the entire agreement
Tsipras with the requirements of the creditors after the
lengthy negotiations this weekend
Brussels promises a decisive impact
in his party, and this may lead to
Cabinet reshuffle has
earlier this week. Most likely, it
have to clear their
administration of hard radicals.
This will be the price for
third bailout program
Greece within the next five years. By
at least two fractions in its
The government has already said that will not
to support the deal. Tsipras has already met
with his closest aides to
try to stop the "uprising" in
Parliament before the vote on Wednesday.

The euro was little changed
by this time - to 10:55 MSK pair EUR / USD
trading at
1.0994 (-0.04%). However, yesterday the euro
fell 1.4% amid speculation that
this transaction will be a sufficient reason
for soothing Fed
The US system and the reason for the increase
interest rates this year. American
shares have risen well yesterday, and European
showed limited growth.

"there is a prospect
separation within the party part officials
Syriza and legislators do not take
tactics of our prime minister - said Janis
Valafas close to the government
official. - It is more important that the worst
default was avoided script".

"Over the next
three years things will only get worse"-
said Janis, 23-year-old law student
Faculty, who joined
protest of several hundred people for
outside the Parliament building on the square
Syntagma on Monday night. is he
He refused to give his last name. "Can
be, then people will think again about
is what kind of society they want to live".

Conditions that Tsipras
adopted, make up a long list of
unfinished business of the two previous
Greece rescue programs and some
new requirements. Tsipras welcomed
the fact that the new fund (it should
to transfer 50 billion of state assets of the country) will be
based in Greece. It also makes
emphasis on the fact that, thanks to a deal
It can ease the debt burden,
Although lenders and rejected his requests
write off the nominal value of Greek
debt amounting to about 310 billion euros.

Banks in Greece will
closed at least until 15 July until
ECB leaves limit for emergency aid
liquidity to Greek banks without

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