Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Negligent brokers and adviser

Negligent brokers and adviser to defense.

In recent years, the industry in providing brokerage services greatly expanded, and every day we see the emergence of more and more different brokers. It is also actively began to develop dillingovye centers and their subsidiaries.

The appearance of this kind of competition in this area gave traders the maximum deposit bonuses, promotions, and all sorts of delights, without which it is very difficult to imagine trade. That there is the provision of leverage is 1 to 1000 when a couple of years ago, 1 in 500 it was difficult to dislodge.

Number of bonuses and advantages of one over the other brokers can turn a head. However, among all the advantages that come along with the development of this sphere it is worth special mention, as the number of dishonest brokers also increased significantly.

This is primarily explained by simple statistics. On average, only three percent of people are able to make money in the forex market, and all the rest to my deep regret simply merge their day. And if you face the truth, even in real life success reaches approximately the same percentage of people.

And now a pent up. Look, if almost all of the account is drained, then what is the output of the transaction on the interbank market? That's how a typical broker thinks the deceiver, who besides that does not display the transaction on the interbank market, but also help successful people drown the crowd losers slipping to trade a variety of dirty tricks.

One of the most popular tools in the hands of a broker are unclean requotes and slippage.

Slippage - the difference between the price at which a trader wants to close the position (stated this to the broker) and the actual cost. I think many were such cases that the sudden movement of the price you want to fix their profits, and the broker just simply does not allow to do so, giving an error that it can not perform this operation because of the passage of the signal to the broker the price has changed. And you, instead of profit-taking get loss of profit, and if you are a scalper, you simply lose a trading signal at the input.

From this kind of pranks greatly suffer advisers, especially scalpers and are traded on the breakdown of important levels. In order to avoid this, many developers are adopting slip function in the expert algorithm. The majority of this line is called slip or slippage. In it you can specify the maximum slippage at the points at which will open the warrant.

Requotes is when your broker does retries on a new price, not allow you to open. In the second case, you have no chance to protect yourself, and an adviser may ask for the price and infinitely open it will give when it is clearly unprofitable for you.

The second powerful weapon in the hands of a broker against you is a broken link. This often occurs before or after the release of important economic news that would be at the time when there is no connection, you could not fix the damages or profits. Since the phenomenon is almost impossible to fight, and the only thing you can do is try to fix this phenomenon. To do this, use a variety of experts assistants who on loss of communication you send a message in the mail. If you happens quite often, and this is not due to poor internet you you should immediately withdraw the money and change the broker.

Just more brazen instrument in the hands of a broker is a manipulation of your profit and stop loss orders. Yes, yes it is manipulation. I have repeatedly faced with the fact that my stop order could trigger or earlier, or vice versa does not work. This kind muhlezh cranks broker when your skills, or you are working with a large number of orders. A lot of people who use forex advisors setochniki noticed this picture.

Fight with the broker does not make sense, but as a preventive measure, you can use the advisor who will close your positions when a certain profit or loss is not sending data to the broker server (when you open a position you do not specify a profit and stop). Also, when writing an Expert Advisor you can ask a programmer to implement such a function.

The most frightening tool in the kitchen can be a fight quotes. Just a year ago there was a scandal with one of the brokers, who managed to draw a candle nowhere as much as 100 points. If this happens to you, try to remove this manipulation and appeal to the regulator broker, what would you have to pay damages.

To be honest, fighting tricks dishonest brokers virtually useless. If you notice that you cheat just take the money and go away from him. When looking for a broker, pay attention to the type of order execution. Brokers, which stands type of performance Instant Execution often give requotes and slippage. Therefore, I recommend to work with the market performance of Market Execution type of transactions. Thank you for your attention, good luck!

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