Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tsipras told Greeks that will

Tsipras told the Greeks that will be after the referendum

And again
focus of all news - Greece. Politicians and investors
just afraid of the Greek referendum
but they are afraid and of Tsipras - who
She knows what else to expect from him? "Vesti-Economy"
says that Prime Minister
Greece, Alexis Tsipras, said recently
Greeks during a speech on television
and at the rally.

all, Alexis Tsipras said that he
and his party will accept any choice of the Greeks.
But if the majority decides to accept
with the requirements of the creditors, the Tsipras and
his government will go into retirement.
Answer "Yes" in a referendum, according to
Prime Minister, would deprive the authorities not only
socialists, but also for all the Greeks.

Reuters, referring to the state
Greek TV (whose broadcasts in full
Syriza regained volume, as well as
returned journalists jobs and
increased funding), leads
premiere direct response to a question about his
further actions, if the total
referendum is not satisfactory.
"If the Greek people want to continue
forever tighten their belts, with the result that
It deprives us of the possibility of ever stand
from his knees, we show respect to such
choice, but not we act
on this plan"- Tsipras said.

words, the party will be forced to admit
the failure of the program and the victory "troika".
and Alexis Tsipras will leave office
retired, will then be early elections.
many experts until this point strongly
doubt such a scenario, believing
that the prime minister will be to the last
hold on to his place, regardless
on the outcome of the referendum.

Of course,
the case of the failure of the government of the referendum
voluntarily resign, which would reduce
the risk of social unrest. But here
stability (particularly - financial)
Greece will not be long. While the new
authorities will have the confidence yet will build
new exit plan from the crisis, will
negotiations with creditors - will pass
a lot of time.

By the way,
his speech Tsipras made
important statement he said that no one
It does not expel Greece from the euro zone: "I do not
I think their plan is,
to expel Greece from the eurozone. rather,
they want to show that Europe can
be other points of view and other
politicians", - he said.

At the end of Tsipras
He said that he believes in the possibility of
transaction, and its "phone is always on".
Let's see what the outcome of today
day in Greece, since June 30 - the last
a period when the country has to pay
Once the debt to the IMF. According to many forecasts,
do she can do that.

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