Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trading Plan for week 06 07 10 07

Trading Plan for the week 06.07-10.07

Greek saga continues and more and
interesting. The referendum was held and the Greeks said no, austerity measures. what
farther? And then, as always, many discussions and find a way out of the current
situation. These events, I will discuss in a separate article, but now let's
We decide how to act on this week.

Of course, the Greek issue will be on the
the front pages. And all this will put pressure on the euro. Pound, probably not
affected. But the franc will strengthen. Since everyone will run away from assets
denominated in euros. And the euro is under pressure. And this applies to the cross
Euro. It is advantageous to sell. But, you should not trade in the euro crosses in
which present the European currencies. Since it is not clear further development
situation and the pair may behave inappropriately.


On Monday, all will digest results
referendum. And the output statistics of this day is not to attract attention. So, look for Europe.


On Tuesday, we have an interest rate
Australia. Prom. UK production and the trade balance of the US and Canada.
Again, the Europeans meeting on Greece.


On Wednesday, the market is expected to yield
FOMC minutes. All the rest
secondary. So, it is safe to trade in a flat, if any, will


On Thursday, we have important data on Australia -
unemployment. And the interest rate on the UK. From the British do not expect
any changes. As they have
conservatives. And in the period of instability will not go to change their
politicians. Will be to wait until everything settles down.


Friday will be a very interesting day. The Greeks
will have to repay 2 billion. USD. to private creditors on its bonds.
If they do not pay, you can safely talk about the default. So do we go
Canadian unemployment data and the speech of Mrs. Yelen.

Here is such a short review of this week.
Be careful. And keep an eye on the situation in Greece, as it will be
set the tone for this week.

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