Monday, April 23, 2018

At Gazprom explained decision

At Gazprom explained the decision to leave the tripartite talks on gas

The official representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said "Gazprom" delegation to leave the trilateral gas talks of Russia-Ukraine-EU in Brussels. It is reported by "KommersantFM".

"It will be something to talk about, come back. The European Commission and Ukraine need to adjust a number of issues related to financing. And without this, we continue on in a trilateral format - is meaningless, "- said the representative of" Gazprom "he said. He added that "there is a question related to financing the cash gap that occurs at the" Naftogaz "and its sources of coverage."

Answering the question of whether plans to "Gazprom" in the coming hours to continue the negotiations, Kupriyanov said the company is waiting for the delegation of information "that there is progress on bilateral EU-Ukraine Protocol, and then take off. This can be today. "

Earlier, on October 30, Bloomberg reported that the delegation of "Gazprom" has left the trilateral gas talks of Russia-Ukraine-EU in Brussels and returned to Moscow.

At the same time it was reported that in the first round of negotiations took place in Brussels on the night of Thursday, October 30, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have not yet managed to agree on gas supplies to Kiev. The head of the Ministry of Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the meeting can continue the evening, provided that Kiev financial guarantees fuel payment.

At the same time, the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller said that the talks will resume only if Ukraine agreed with the European Commission on financial guarantees payment of gas supplies. "Accordingly, the meeting, held talks (30 October) only if the Ukrainian side and the European Commission reached an agreement on the bilateral protocols. If such an agreement is not reached, respectively, meeting tomorrow, negotiations will not and no documents will be signed. If an agreement between the European Commission and Ukraine will be reached, respectively, tomorrow you can expect the signing of the three documents ", - said Miller.

So far, he said Novak, Kiev could not provide such guarantees. "This is not about guarantees, but only on the Ukrainian side of the application because, as you know, no written guarantee to us today has not been granted. In this regard, the risks about what will be the means or not, are offset by the prepayment regime. There will be money - will gas ", - he said.

The total debt of Ukraine for Russian gas delivered earlier estimated at five billion dollars. According to the agreements reached at the end of September in Berlin, representatives of the EU, Russia and Ukraine, until the end of the current year "Naftogaz" has to pay 3.1 billion dollars, including two billion - before the end of October. This will allow to resume deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine, which Moscow in June translated into prepaid mode.

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