Thursday, April 12, 2018

Euro jumped to 59 61 rubles today

The euro jumped to 59.61 rubles today

Today, in the area
10:20 MSK on the euro and the dollar grew on
background of falling oil prices Brent.

Near the
the beginning of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange
Today the value of the euro to 59.61 rubles.
the dollar rose to 47.83.

according to
analysts, yesterday's main event
the day has been a sharp drop in oil prices
Brent, but there was a significant leap down
after the close of trading on the ruble.
Most likely, an attempt to win back the fall
We left on Friday.

Now the pair
EUR / RUB traded at
59.10 rubles, and the pair USD / RUB -. On
mark of 47.41 rubles.

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