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Indicator qAutoActivation - one of the main components of the trade expert panel Trading Chaos Expert. The indicator visually shows on the chart, a trend at the moment takes place in the current timeframe. This indicator first attached to the graphics and the template stored in the shopping complex. It is, he points out some trading signals from the panel of expert trader needs to automate the entry into the market (bullish or bearish).

At the time of a change in trend, this indicator changes the color of the line and at the same time lights illumination timeframe trade panel. If the line of the indicator is red, the market there is a bearish trend. If the indicator line is absent, at a given time frame no definite trend. If the indicator is green line - the trend is up. The indicator shows a good level of support or resistance for the price of candles. As a general rule, at the approach to the price indicator line going to rebound the trend. This demonstrates the strength of the trend.

Detected pattern that is highly probable that causes a change in the trend for any timeframe, where price momentum observed that resulted in the abolition of the first directional movement, and then the change of direction.

How does the pattern change trend

  1. qAutoActivation indicator stops display line and then changes color to the opposite

  2. Generated fractal or a short-term price extremes, which is determined by an indicator Short term extremums

  3. At the time of forming the fractal histogram indicator AO (Awesome Oscillator) passes through a zero line in the direction of the generated fractal

  4. First level of the fractal formed after the color change indicator qAutoActivation, is the most attractive point of entry into the market. At the time of formation of such a fractal business expert panel displays the digit "3" (third sage) are more intense color

  5. Stop loss for the open position located below (above) the opposite fractal located in the previous trending direction. Then, the stop-loss, stop or stop trade turn transferred below (above) the level similar fractal directed in the opposite direction. The distance between these fractals may be mentioned the so-called saddle (Saddle point).

Recommended composition template

  • Trading Chaos Chart

  • Modified Awesome Oscillator

  • Modified Accelerator Oscillator

  • Spread and swap monitor

  • AutoFormat

  • Slider profy

  • Trading Chaos Expert

As well as the indicators presented in the MetaTrader 5 platform by default:

  • gator Oscillator

  • Market Facilitation Index (MFI)


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