Monday, April 30, 2018

Bank of Japan right way comrades

Bank of Japan: the right way, comrades?

A regular strategic
Meeting of the Bank of Japan leadership
after which all were made
official statements. Monetary
policy of the Japanese regulator remained

the target for
expansion of money by 60 - 70
trillion yen a year - remains valid.
As a result, the mass of the title by March
It amounts to about 270 trillion yen. this
decisions by the Bank of Japan expected more
part of professionals and market experts.
Also chairman of the regulator, Haruhiko
Kuroda said that the low yen
against the dollar is maintained and supported by:
Japan should move closer to the target
inflation (about 2%). Not
denies Mr. Kuroda and readiness
to sharp movements, "If this forecast
would not justify the Bank of Japan
make changes to the monetary policy
- it will increase the volume of
quantitative easing. "

A little bit later,
According to official statements of the Bank
Japan, it was stated that the current
level to stimulate the economy gives
the planned effect (despite
a weakening in industrial applications).

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