Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Number of vacancies to 5 8 million

the number of vacancies to 5.8 million increased in the US: it is both good and bad

In America recently
We counted a record number of open
vacancies in the labor market. According to
Ministry of Labor, 5.753 million jobs
It was in the US in July - it is much more
than in the past, the maximum (5.4 million) in May.
Splash job growth is
a mixture of good and bad news.

One side,
employers are hiring more and the economy
The US is growing - it is a healthy sign that
growth problems in the global economy
potentially become less significant.
In a sense, a large number of
vacancies shows that the labor market situation is improving, they say
economists. However, the open
jobs also mean that some
employers can not find the right
people to hire them. too much
the number is not filled vacancies shows
about one problem: inadequate
skills of potential employees.
Perhaps, it can generally be called
ongoing problem of America -
professional skills. During
many years, experts say
Americans do not have sufficient skills,
needed to work in new areas,
especially in the field of mechanical engineering,
technical sphere and in science-related
areas. "This, of course, worried
and it should be a problem for anyone,
who cares about the future of the US
working", - said Kris Tilli, professor
Economics in the University of California.

The issue even attracted
the attention of the White House - Administration
Obama last December has
He said it is ready to allocate $ 100 million for
improving training programs in the country.

On the other hand,
some say employers
too overstate the bar for
highly qualified workers and not
They want to spend the time to train new
workers. See: 65% of the ads
searching for the secretaries or administrative
assistants have a condition - the presence of
higher education. But among the current
secretaries are only 19% higher
education, says Joseph Fuller
Professor of Harvard Business School. "employers
want to have "ready" employees - says
Fuller. - If we take the kind of labor market,
where we are now, he
simply unavailable for
many workers".

But even
often high demands of employers,
Experts agree on one thing: the root
with the skills problem is the lack of
technical knowledge and practice. Some
Americans decided to go to a 4-year-old
college because they can then
to find at least a job as an electrician
or plumber, experts say.
These jobs require a "medium"
skills, there is no need higher education,
but it should be something more than a school
certificate, says Fuller.

"I can not decide
problems that can solve my
plumbers and electricians, - says Tilly.
- Moreover, in these professions you even
You can make a fair amount of

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