Friday, April 27, 2018

Head of IMF will perform belly

The head of the IMF will perform a belly dance for US Congress

The head of the International
Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde on Thursday
He said it is ready to do anything
the US Congress adopted its reform. By
She said that he is even willing to perform
belly dance. By the way, the reforms already
G20 leaders approved back in 2010,
and it is still only get
resolution of Congress.

During the discussion on the
TV channel CNN Lagarde said that if
US lawmakers will
finally the bill, it will perform
once a belly dance. Recall that
attempts to reform the fund are
since 2010 and there is no result
Congressional IMF does not have.

project developers
reforms are asked to double the capital of the Fund
up to $ 755 billion, and provide developing
countries more opportunities for
management organization as given to China.
According to the draft, the total size should
be doubled - from 238.4 billion to SDR
476.8 billion SDR, and more than 6% is planned quotas
redistribute the developed countries
developing. As a result, China should
to become the third largest state quota
- a member of the IMF, while Brazil, India, China and
Russia - to become one of the top 10
fund shareholders.

Reforms can not be
accepted until Congress does not approve the
change. At a press conference in 2010
Lagarde was named the reforms "urgent
necessity. " "Everyone knows that in
Currently, we are stuck in Congress
United States, "- she said then.

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