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This indicator tracks the market in search of the state of the flat and its subsequent breakout. The flat is determined as the predetermined number of successive bars, on which the price fluctuates in a small range. If one of the following bar closes outside the range, the indicator signals a breakthrough.

LED displays 3 lines: blue - the upper limit of the range of the flat and the subsequent breakout control zone; red - the lower limit of the flat band and subsequent breakout control zone; yellow - the center of the flat band (NOT including control breakout zone). When the bar is in the breakthrough control zone is closed the flat band is outputted the up arrow or down - for this allocated buffer indicator 2 that can be used of the experts.

There are expert MovingFlat, built using the same signals that generates the indicator.


  • FlatDetect - the number of successive bars that form the flat; default - 7;

  • BreakDetect - the number of these bars after the flat area where a breakthrough is monitored; breakthrough signaled, if one of the BreakDetect bars closed out of the current range, formed to the left FlatDetect bars; default - 3;

  • MaxDelta - the maximum range of paragraphs that will be treated as the flat; if on FlatDetect bars range between their highs and lows do not exceed MaxDelta points, it is considered as the state of the flat; default - 250.

It should be noted that the indicator displays "moving" the flat, that is, each additional bar can expand or narrow the range (which is displayed on the left of this bar!) Or cut the flat zone, if the range exceeds MaxDelta. In the process of "motion" from bar to bar indicator may redraw the previous breakout zone fresher ranges of the flat, but once derived signals (arrows) break are always the same. To better understand the process, you can see the display work in the tester in a visual mode.


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