Friday, May 19, 2017



Indicator RightDirection great tool and assistant to work with the trend. He performed well when paired with other indicators that signal the entry and exit points of the direction of travel. It compares favorably with most indicators trending smooth mining of peaks and valleys, the absence of sharp jumps and redraws. Also includes a feature multitaymfreym that can not affect the usability and quality of the signal in the direction of the global trend of older timeframes. Recommended for use on synthetic charts Renko.


  • TimeFrame - timeframe from which are removed the indicator value. Timeframe may be any depending on the trading style (value: M1-1, M5-5, M15-15, M30-30, H1-60, H4-240, D1-1440, W1-10080; MN-43200);

  • Lenght- the length of the measurement period, the average price.



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