Monday, May 15, 2017

Video Maks Kayzer Disaster in

Video: Maks Kayzer. Disaster in Chicago is unavoidable?

Fresh release "Survey
Max Keizer "rather unusual presenters and guests sit on the street,
on the sunny side - they are in Chicago. This city,
the third most populous in the United States, rolls
down, repeating the damning errors
Greece: debt grow,
and the level of production falls. can
whether the authorities to change the situation?

Experts believe that the
It led to the collapse of unreasoned actions
Federal authorities: indeed,
because it is much more profitable to engage in
financial speculation than investing
money in the development of the industry. But
worst of all, this trend
It can clearly be seen in the whole territory
USA. In the second half
transfer to Max join blogger
Mayk Shedlok to discuss current
Chicago and the state of the difficult economic
a situation in which hit the city.


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