Monday, December 25, 2017

Auto Trend Line

Auto Trend Line

Indicator automatically displays a trend line on all timeframes.

Suitable for any trader, regardless of his trading style.

It works well with the indicator of the trend line. It is recommended to use the trading system Level 3 Reversals.

The larger the timeframe, the stronger the trend line.


  • Auto_Refresh: If true, the trend line is updated automatically.

  • Normal_TL_Period: bars count for the calculation of the trend line.

  • Three_Touch: when used true triple touch.

  • M1_Fast_Analysis: If true, it enables fast analysis of the M1.

  • M5_Fast_Analysis: if true, It includes a quick analysis of the M5.

  • Mark_Highest_and_Lowest_TL: If true, the maximum and minimum observed trend lines.

  • Normal_TL_Color: line color of the normal trend.

  • Long_TL_Color: the color of the uptrend line.

  • Three_Touch_TL_Widht: width trendline.

  • Three_Touch_TL_Color: Color trendline (triple tap).

Auto Trend Line

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