Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gold rises in price against backdrop

Gold rises in price against the backdrop of a weak dollar on Friday

The price of gold rises
up during the Asian session on Friday
morning. Investors shift money
a metal due to the falling dollar
major international currencies. About it
show auction details.

So, to 8:50 on MSK futures
gold with delivery in April rose
at $ 9.2 - up
1229.9 per troy ounce. In the same time
silver futures for March delivery
rose in price to 17.017 per troy ounce.

dollar today
It shows a negative trend
weak influence of statistical data
from USA. According to reports, the volume of retail
sales in the country declined in January
0.8% - these data were worse than expected,
which reduce waiting only by 0.5%.
In addition, the volume of retail sales (excluding
motor vehicles and accessories) decreased
compared to 0.9% for December. Forecast
It was - a decline of 0.4%.

It did not escape past the buck
and other economic reports from the United States.
For example, data on unemployment - numbers
initial claims for unemployment benefits
for the week increased by 25 thousand applications -. up
304 thousand. (And just waiting to 285 ths.).

According to a trader from
MKS Group Sam Laughlin, gold may continue
rise on reports from Greece. In particular,
For 16 of February should continue
negotiate with creditors and many
investors are waiting to sign agreement
Greek authorities with the
Eurogroup or not. "Support for gold
well expressed by the average value,
the last one hundred days at $ 1216
per troy ounce. The price will remain at
this level in the short term,
as we expect the resumption of
negotiations on Greek debt already
Monday", - he said.

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