Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Trend Scanner

Trend Scanner

Indicator trend lines Trend Scanner It shows the direction of the trend and its change. The indicator works on all currency pairs on timeframes M1 to D1. Indicator displays on the chart several factors: support and resistance lines of the currency pair, the existing trend lines, high and low prices, as well as the current direction of the trend. The indicator generates an accurate signals allowing open transactions with the trend. Blue dots on the chart indicate the high and low prices, the white trend lines show a support line, red trend lines show the resistance line, the yellow solid line shows the direction of the current trend, the blue dot at the beginning of the yellow line is a reference point for setting Stop Loss. When the direction of movement of the currency pair tooltip Alert Buy or Alert Sell indicating the price and the recommended values ​​of StopLoss.

Input parameters

  • TrendDirection - the current direction of the trend

  • DrawUpDownArrow - displaying highs and lows prices

  • DrawTrendline - display trendlines

  • TrendlineInMemory - the number of displayed lines on the graph trend

  • High_Period - the maximum value of the trend analyzer period

  • Low_Period - minimum period trend analyzer

  • Trigger_Sens - trend analyzer trigger sensitivity

  • Alert_Box - a pop-up notification of change in the direction of price movement

  • Send_Mail - sending notifications to your email

  • Send_Notifications - sending push-notification on your mobile device

Trend Scanner

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