Friday, February 2, 2018



The indicator calculates the most likely area stop / reversal of the trend, zone self trend movements.

Are taken into account:

  • the rate of change of the price;

  • relative deviation angle generated;

  • the average amplitude of the price movement;

  • if the price of their "comfort zone";

  • ATR indicator values.

Indicator may show that at Alert-price entrance to the bus stop / turning area.


  • Draw the entire length? - draw zone until the end of the schedule or not;

  • Show Stop UP-trend - show stopping zone / UP-reversal of the trend;

  • Show UP-trend - show coverage area UP-trend;

  • Show DOWN-trend - show coverage area DOWN-trend;

  • Show Stop DOWN-trend - show stopping zone / DOWN-reversal of the trend;

  • Alert in the area change - Turning Alerta rates when entering in the stop zone / change trend;

  • Next come the color settings of each of the shopping areas.


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