Thursday, February 15, 2018

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

This indicator is based on the popular indicator Parabolic SAR.

Indicator Parabolic SAR is plotted as points located above or below the price. This upward trend indicator points are located below the price, if the downward trend points are displayed over price.

The indicator shows the MTF-PSAR Parabolic SAR data from multiple time frames specified in the input parameters.

the default settings:

  • TF1 = 1;

  • TimeFrame2b = true;

  • TF2 = 5;

  • TimeFrame3b = true;

  • TF3 = 15;

  • TimeFrame4b = true;

  • TF4 = 60;

  • InpPSARStep = 0.02;

  • InpPSARMaximum = 0.2;

TF1-TF4 values ​​may be in the following ranges:

  • TF1 - from M1 (1) to H4 (240);

  • TF2 - from M5 (5) to D1 (1,440);

  • TF3 - of M15 (15) to W1 (10080);

  • TF4 - of M30 (30) to the MN1 (43200).

All selected timeframes should not be lower than the current chart timeframe.

You can use the data from all four or at least timeframes with the parameters: TimeFrame1b - TimeFrame4b.

Multi TimeFrame PSAR

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