Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Indicator NearU $ D pane in any trading instrument displays the average value of the price variance US dollar in items for the period.

to calculate currency use the following charts seven trading tools:


Input parameters:

  • DigitsStyle - 4 (four digits and two digits) or 5 (five characters and three characters);

  • DRAWs - the number of bars to the indicator;

  • NearPeriod - settlement period indicator.

Parameter NearPeriod It may be a value 0, then use the recommended times for each of the timeframes of the chart.

at NearPeriod = 0:

  • timeframe M1 - period = 60;

  • timeframe M5 - period = 48;

  • timeframe M15 - period = 96;

  • timeframe M30 - period = 192;

  • timeframe H1 - period = 96;

  • timeframe H4 - period = 312;

  • timeframe D1 - period = thirty;

  • timeframe W1 - period = 12;

  • timeframe MN1 - period = 9.

it fourth a series of indicator Near.


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