Tuesday, July 3, 2018



adviser Zeus designed for cautious, conservative traders. He is not
It is using the dangerous strategies like Martingale, perezhidanie
in the red, with LEDs
delay, on all transactions always exhibited a stop-loss, which decreases
As we move into plus deals.

The year opened 50 trades, and never more than one
at the same time. EA is set up to work with the GBPJPY H4.


Key features:

  • No risk algorithms (no martingale, not net, not

  • Scalping is not the average deal more than a hundred pips. Central
    profitable trade 2-3 times more unprofitable.

  • Low requirements to
    the minimum deposit ($ 200 with 0.01 lots).

  • Professional money management system.

  • Automatically adjusted under DC with quotations 4 and 5
    decimal places.

The counselor realized the possibility of switching mode
automatic reinvestment, in which the earned income will be taken into account
at the opening of the following transactions and increase the lot. Example of operation - on the second
screenshot. This can significantly increase the profitability of the adviser.

Main settings:

  • Lot - lot size for trading.

  • Slip - maximum slippage.

  • Magic - specify different numbers for all councilors to enable them to
    to work simultaneously on one account.

  • MM - with a value of true activates the system of money management,
    which improves the lot as deposit growth.

  • Mmper - a percentage of the deposit, which will be used to
    the opening of a single transaction.

For all inquiries, please contact us at the "Discussion" tab.

More information can be found on the official website
councilor www.fxOlymp.ru


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