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Trade Report Pro Demo

Trade Report Pro Demo

adviser Trade Report Pro is a professional graphic report about the history of automatic and manual trading. It also sends a notification to your mobile phone or e-mail when you change the balance of your account.

The reports are saved in HTML and CSV format, the Quick View summary report is opened in MetaTrader 4.

Attention: The demo includes the report, only the first 15 transactions in history. Reports on all stories are available in the full version:

Adviser Description:

  • The report contains full professional statistics, better than the MT4 built-in reports (shows more statistics).

  • Automatic reports in real time, allowing you to monitor your account.

  • Sending notifications to a mobile phone or by e-mail when the account balance is changed.

  • The report file with graphics (index.html) is loaded in real time on your site. You can view your report online, or share it on the network.

  • Report to the schedule of balance in one HTML-file.

  • The report is saved in two formats: HTML and CSV.

  • Deletes the report removed pending orders, making the report clearer.

  • Hand export a report with a complete history, or for the selected period.

  • Hand export report for all symbols / select a character / symbol group.

  • In addition to export the full report in HTML / CSV file in MetaTrader 4 window opens quickly view a summary report.


  • Install Advisor Trade Report Pro any unused schedule.

  • Go to the tab History in the terminal window, right-click and select "All history". Do not install a custom period (the required period of the report can be set in the settings of the program).


  • Select menu (the gear icon in the program header) ==> Swap identification: To distinguish not confuse swaps and operations on the accrual / removal in the report, you may need to install the tracking text that the broker uses to swap comments. For example, to use swaps comment type "R / O xxxxxxxx", then you need to write "R / O" in the identification of the swap.

  • Select menu (the gear icon in the program header) ==> Interface fontsize: set the desired font size.

  • Menu (the gear icon in the program header) ==> Report files path: empty folder in which to save the report files.

  • Auto save full reports: report files (HTML and CSV) are automatically stored and updated with every change of account history.

  • Auto send full reports to FTP server: report files (HTML and CSV) are automatically uploaded to a website via FTP server settings in MT4. HTML-file will be renamed to index.html on your site to provide direct access to it at www directory. For example: you load a report file (index.html) in the site. You can view the report or share the link

  • Send to mobile once balance changed: notifications are sent to the mobile phone when the balance of the change. You must configure notification settings in MT4 (Menu => Tools => Options => Notifications).

  • Send to email once balance changed: sent a notification email when balance change. You must configure the email settings in MT4 (Menu => Tools => Options => Email).

  • Oldest first: the oldest in the history of the action will be shown at the beginning of the report (this option can speed up the formation of the report).

  • Newest first: recent trading action will be shown at the beginning of the report (this setting can slow down the formation of the report).

  • Symbol (s): characters, which will generate reports. Please note that if you are selected, not all the characters, the report will be built on the simulation work, and not the actual report. This view is used to analyze the impact of one character / characters and groups of possible results when trading only selected characters.

  • All history: report on the story.

  • Custom period: choose the period of history for the report. Please note that the period for the report to be installed here in the History tab in MT4 you need to select the entire story.

  • Auto filename: if this option is checked, the file names will be assigned automatically based on the name of the broker and the account number. If not, you can specify any file name (without extension).

  • Export button: Click this button to send the report manually. report files (HTML and CSV) will be exported, and in MetaTrader 4 window opens a window quickly view a summary report.

Trade Report Pro Demo


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