Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SuperTrend AM

SuperTrend AM

The indicator allows to open a position at the beginning of a significant price movement. Another important quality indicator is the ability to follow the trend as long as possible to obtain all the profit potential while minimizing potential losses. The indicator is not redrawn and is not recalculated.

Signals when working with the indicator

  • the first appearance of the red dot on the price chart - the possible beginning of a downtrend;

  • the appearance of the first green dot under the price chart - the possible start of an uptrend.

Principles for the use of the indicator

Option 1

Purchase should make when prices will overcome the maximum value (taking into account the spread) of the bar on which the price is greater than the value of the indicator (green dot);

Should sell when the price will overcome the low of the bar where the indicator value is greater than the price (red dot).

option 2

Setting a stop order to buy an asset in the direction of the upward trend of the values ​​of the indicator during the rollback price (stop order to buy the asset values ​​of the red line);

Setting a stop order to sell the asset in the direction of the downward trend of the indicator value at the time of the price rollback (stop order to sell at the values ​​of the Green Line).

Customizable indicator parameters

  • Sensitivity (>0) - sensitivity indicator;

  • IndBarsCount (>-1) - the number of bars on which the indicator is displayed;

  • Alerts - displays comprising user data dialog box;

  • Text_BUY - custom text for a buy signal;

  • Text_SELL - custom text for a sell signal;

  • Send_Mail - sends an email to the address specified in the settings window on the "Mail" tab;

  • Subject - email header;

  • Send_Notification - sends a notification to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes ID specified in the Settings tab of the "alert".

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

SuperTrend AM


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