Friday, June 29, 2018

Golden section Track

Golden section Track

Golden section Track - MT4 indicator for the main chart window.

The indicator is calculated in accordance with the moving average for every 20 (input parameter) candles with the golden section.

The short name of the indicator - GS Track.

The indicator consists of four equally spaced lines. The top two lines represent the purchase, the bottom two - sale. They are designated, respectively, as Up1, Up2, Dn1 and Dn2.

The indicator is simple and intuitive. There is only one external parameter with a default value of 20.

For normal operation of the indicator it is necessary that the number of K columns in the chart under 100. The indicator can be used with all Forex-symbols and timeframes.


  1. Buy if the column K is positive (Yang) and the price crosses above Up1 line.
  2. Sell ​​if the column K is negative (Yin) and the price crosses Dn1 line down.
  3. Partially close the position to buy, if the line K and above Up2 Up2 bullish trend line slowed down or turned into a flat.
  4. Partially cover the short positions if the line K and below Dn2 bearish trend slowed down or turned into a flat.

The indicator combines good market fluctuations and trends, filtering out the market "noise" effectively recognizing trends.

Golden section Track

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