Thursday, June 28, 2018

Euro dollar substitutes not only

Euro dollar substitutes not only the other cheek, but everything else

continues to update the lows today
the single currency had digged in the new underground
abroad - the 11-month level. This happened
after Germany released
data on consumer climate.
Frail, quite frankly, the data: Index
It fell to 8.6 from July's 9.0, and according to forecasts
He was to remain unchanged. investors
crouched and waiting, when the ECB will start
to move rapidly and to stimulate
economy. At the end of the Asian session
EUR / USD was trading at
1.3170. Support for the pair is expected at 1.3105, and
resistance - at 1.3215.

the greenback was supported by: in
Tuesday data were published on the
the index of consumer confidence in
United States, and the index of the maximum beat,
Held on already since October 2007.

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