Monday, June 11, 2018

PZ Goldfinch Scalper EA MT5

PZ Goldfinch Scalper EA MT5

PZ Goldfinch Expert Advisor - Mathematics scalper aggressive trading on tick data. It is based on a simple and universal trading strategy that can be applied to any instrument. However, this expert recommended to use only on liquid forex pairs and low spreads.

  • Trades on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and most other currency pairs!

  • It has four input parameters (Signal, SL, TS and TP).

  • It is most effective when tough trading parameters.

  • About 85% of trades profitable.

  • The average value PROFT factor exceeds 2.5.

  • The minimum drawdown.

  • Advisor is free!


Tick ​​scalpers are quite dangerous, as the number of factors that could lead to losses large. Changing spreads and reduce slippage expectation each trade, low density ticks from the broker leads to inefficient trade, freeze-level limits your ability to maintain profit, and leads to an unstable compound requotes. Use expert with caution. You must observe the following conditions.

  • Reliable broker with low spread and stop levels.

  • Good internet connection.

  • Good exposure.


Trading Advisor uses tick data. Test advisor to M15 in the "Every tick" and adjust the settings.

It is recommended to test this EA on a demo account MetaQuotes.

Efficiency is enhanced if your broker can handle tight trailing stops.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Goldfinch Scalper EA MT5

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