Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Apple was hit hard by hiding information

Apple was hit hard by hiding information about Apple Watch sales

Apple yesterday's reports
a little disappointed the market, and stocks
companies fell after-hours trading
7% (to 11:03 MSK drop was 5.76%). AT
annualized sales of products
the company increased by 33% - to $ 49.6 billion, that
it turned out better than expected. profit
per share - $ 1.85, and it is also
better than expected. However, sales in China
collapsed by 21% in the last quarter. By
iPhone sales lead
the company's product, the real figures
We fell short of expectations - for the quarter
has sold 47.5 million smartphones, while
like waiting 48,8-50 million. Sales of tablets
also fell by 18% year on year -
to 10.9 million.

However, the last word
not told about the sales of the latter product
companies - Apple Watch, on
that drew attention to analysts.
Some people say that Apple is specifically
It did not announce sales figures smart
hours, so as not to hurt competitors,
although such a sacrifice is reflected in the actions
company. The company has included a clock
in the "other" category, which also includes
players, Apple TV and other devices. This
category increased by less than $ 1 billion,
while analysts on average expect Apple
will receive more than $ 1.8 billion
from Apple Watch sales. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene
Munster believes that the company has sold about 1.2 million units, far below the expected 3-4 million.

investors are concerned
the future growth of the company, which is not
can sell one iPhone. They are not
know for sure, will be whether Apple Watch
the product, which
It supports Apple's business. "They have to
to answer the question whether the company correctly
choose the main product in the next
?, year - says the analyst of FBR Capital Markets
Deniel Ayvz. - Over Apple Watch
incomprehensible hovering black cloud, until
the company did not announce the results of sales

chief financial
Director Luca Maestri and Chief
Company Tim Executive Officer
Cook some vague talk about
Apple plans smartwatch, and observations
for sales of the device were allegedly
"An attempt to keep a secret from others
technology companies seeking
to receive its share of the handheld market
devices. " "We do not intend to give
insider information that could
to help our competitors", - he said,

a company spokeswoman
Apple also declined to elaborate
Apple Watch sales. according to
analysts, the company will not be long
hide on the device sales data,
and experts, meanwhile, are trying to guess the numbers.
"After two or three quarters, they us
all talk about this watch"- says

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