Wednesday, September 20, 2017

FedEx will buy TNT Express for

FedEx will buy TNT Express for 4.4 billion euros

FedEx, one
the world's largest companies
express delivery of cargo and mail,
buy one of its competitors -
Dutch company TNT
Express. cost of
the deal is estimated at € 4.4 billion for
by this American FedE
will escalate
its presence in Europe. shares of TNT
Express on
this news jumped by 30%.

Tuesday the parties made a statement
future transaction and announced that
united group of companies will
Europe's third strong player,
who will be able to compete with DHL
and UPS.
They hope that the deal will not prevent
European regulators, who in 2013
We were already banned attempt FedEx

We have been in the European market two strong
companies and two - in the weaker position.
Now they will be only three, but they will
equal in strength. We have to fight
for the customer, "- says Anthony Borgmans,
TNT head.
David Bronzhek,
FedEx executive,
said: "For the
customers, of course, it is better that
The European Commission wants to see more
competition. " He added that he is "confident"
that through all the obstacles,
created by regulators, will be able to
successfully pass though to the final
completion of the transaction will take many
time - probably about a year. If
transaction still goes wrong, the company TNT
will be
paid a penalty of $ 200 million.

An association
companies from the express delivery sector
in Europe, as elsewhere, will provide
pressure on prices due to the struggle for a share

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