Monday, September 11, 2017

Ruble fell in anticipation of

The ruble fell in anticipation of the Central Bank meeting and amid weak activity Exporters

This afternoon, the Russian
Ruble reduced trades the currency,
although at the opening session, he behaved
neutral. Play against the ruble waiting
changes in key rates by the central bank
Russian Federation (it may happen in the coming
Thursday at a meeting of the controller) and
decreased activity of exporters,
which seems to pre-sell the underlying
of foreign currency earnings to pay
Key taxes on 27-28 April.

there was virtually no morning but
in this case, it seems to have enhanced the output of
Russian assets in anticipation of reduction
the key rate of the Central Bank. these
streams are "piggybacked"
speculative currency longs"-
says analyst Andrei Misko bank
National Standard. His forecast -
dollar rise above the level of 52 rubles.

By 12:56 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at 51.45 (the above
previous close to 1.06%). At the beginning
trade, the dollar sank to a mark
50.25, according to the portal
The pair EUR / RUB
It traded near the mark 55.72 (above 0.65%).

This week, on Thursday
April 30, a meeting of the Board
Directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on
monetary policy. greater
part of the market is confident that the regulator
reduce the current benchmark interest rate of 14% per annum
after the meeting. This, in turn,
may reduce interest in the ruble and
denominated assets, thanks to which
Russian currency is confident enough
It rose in price in recent days. Expensive oil will keep
weakening of the ruble, but not today or tomorrow
excluded as large point
corporate currency sales that can
slow the negative trend.

Calculations for exporters
tax on mineral extraction
completed today, their volume of experts
Reuters estimated at 170-290 billion

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