Friday, September 15, 2017



The robot trades on the break of support and resistance levels on the selected timeframe. It works effectively in many symbols and timeframes from M5 to H1. Special filter measures the strength of price movement, not allowing to enter the market if the support / resistance levels are weak. Recommended ECN-broker with tight spreads.

  • Only one deal
  • Easy setup
  • not martingale
  • not mesh
  • no hedging


  • TimeFrame - timeframe to search for support / resistance levels
  • MinEnergy - minimum strength of price movement, the optimal value of 10. The higher the value, the less trades, but those are more reliable
  • EntryLine - the color of the input line. Before the entrance is always carried out verification of the maximum spread
  • Distance from SR - the distance from the input line level of support / resistance
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread at the opening of the transaction. If you exceed the value of the transaction does not open
  • Lot - trading volume
  • Risk% - determine lot size automatically% of the account size and stop loss
  • Slippage - maximum deviation in the transaction opening
  • TP - Take Profit in points
  • SL on BE - Profit (in points) at which the stop-loss level is moved to input a transaction (breakeven)
  • SL + TrailingSL - the distance between the stop-loss and trailing stop
  • TrailingSL_Step - trailing stop step
  • Magic - magic number adviser
  • comment - comment on the transaction


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