Monday, September 25, 2017

Greed Master Levels From

Greed Master Levels From

adviser Greed Master Levels From a predetermined number of bars N in the history of searches maximum and minimum levels and exposes the pending orders at these price levels. at breakdown level deal in one way or another to open and close the electronic TakeProfit. Transactions are real StopLoss and TakeProfit. Duration of orders placed the same N, as well as for the analysis of bars in history. on the timeframe H1 any tool during installation number of bars 24 Advisor is powered by daily highs and lows of the previous day. The same timeframe M30 when setting the number of bars - 48, and timeframe H4 with the number of bars - 6.


  • MAGICB - the magic number of directions Long;

  • MAGICS - the magic number of directions Short;

  • "__Working hours__GMT__";

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset - broker terminal time offset in hours from GMT;

  • "_The parameters for the EURUSD M30.";

  • "__Start__";

  • GameOn - Resolution Adviser to action;

  • AnalyzedPeriod - period analysis extrema in bars;

  • Lot - work item;

  • LotForManual - starting lot for manual operation;

  • TP - real TakeProfit;

  • TPV - Virtual TakeProfit, not visible to the broker;

  • SL - real StopLoss;

  • Slippage - slippage;

  • "__Directions On / Off .__";

  • SELL - ON / OFF direction SELL;

  • BUY - ON / OFF directions BUY;

  • "__Restrictions__";

  • OnOffLock - On / Off Locking, if the item is selected too high and StopLoss;

  • LockLevel - MarginLevel level Percentage inclusion Locking;

  • "__Trailingator__";

  • TrailingStop - treylingatora parameter;

  • TrailingStep - treylingatora parameter;

  • "__Working mode (Color / BW) __";

  • BW - b / w mode on / off;

  • Illumin - on / off information and the line in the tool box;

  • DelObj - on / off removing objects from a tool box deinitialize.

Greed Master Levels From

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