Thursday, May 10, 2018

Advanced Trend Scanner

Advanced Trend Scanner

Advanced Trend Scanner identifies major trends and their reversals by using the blue and red lines and white arrows.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Advanced Trend Scanner identifies the main trends at the same time filtering out the short-term setbacks and false signals.

It uses the moving average, and smoothing techniques for obtaining reliable signals of topping. It works on any pair and timeframe.

  • Flexible tool, it can be used in many ways to improve the trading system

  • Email sending function to obtain information about the price level, the currency pair and time

  • Function display pop-up window to get information about the price level, the currency pair and time

trading rules

  • the input signals: will depend on your trading system

    • Operating purchases setting

      • White reversal Up Arrow

      • The blue line

      • optional: price broke below the cloud in Ichimoku indicator

    • Working sales setting

      • White reversal down arrow

      • Red line

      • optional: Price broke through the cloud on top of the indicator Ichimoku

  • exit strategy

    • The output will depend on your trading system

      • support / resistance zone

      • Signaling a turn arrow

      • Trailing Stops


  • Day and swing trading: M15, M30, H1, D1, W1 or for round the clock

  • auxiliary tool

    • It combines well with other trending tools, such as the Ichimoku

    • Increase the probability of trading with the trend by using the Advanced Trend Filter

    • Avoid false signals by combining with Advanced Trend Filter

other features

  • Never redrawn

  • Not late with rendering

  • Never converted

  • Sending a signal to a strictly "bar closing"

  • It can be used to develop expert

Advanced Trend Scanner

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