Tuesday, May 8, 2018

EURUSD Euro went to two year low

EUR / USD: Euro went to two-year low, the dollar becomes stronger

Friday, the euro falls
against the dollar, again reaching a two-year
minimum. it is all due to the fact that
the demand for dollars is amplified before
the publication of the US employment report.
These appear today in the late afternoon.

At the close of Asian
session, the EUR / USD reached a level of 1.2643 -
This session low, but later
It consolidated around 1.2646. Now the pair
It is trading at 1.2645, down 0.19%. rather
all, the ratio EUR / USD finds support
at the level of 1.2570 (at least September 30), and
resistance at 1.2716 (maximum
29 September).

Now investors
waiting, and their behavior is most
It depends on how the report will be
Employment in non-agricultural
US sector. According to the forecast, it was in the US
It created more than 200 thousand. jobs

Yesterday, on Thursday,
The European single currency has not received
support when the European Central
Bank refrained from declaring
additional easing, even though
fears of deflation in the euro zone. The president
ECB Mario Dragi said that the fourth
quarter the bank will repurchase securities
secured by assets and the launch
purchase program of mortgage bonds
in the second half of October. Programs
for two years, they must
significantly increase the ECB's balance sheet.
We kept the benchmark interest rate
to record low - 0.05%.

The single currency now!
rising against the pound after the morning
drop to 0.7835. Couple EUR / GBP increased by
0.08%, reached the level of 0.7853.

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