Friday, May 18, 2018

EURUSD under pressure in anticipation

EUR / USD: under pressure in anticipation of the ECB

Analysts at Danske Bank to evaluate the development scenario of EUR / USD on the eve of the ECB meeting.

Key points:

"Tomorrow's meeting of the ECB will set the tone for trading on the Euro-pairs for the 2nd half. It seems that the ECB is still too early to give up the option downside risks, as described above in the introductory statement, the regulator is described as a risk "substantially balanced" because it can lead to unnecessary tightening of financial conditions.

According to a Bloomberg poll, analysts' opinions with respect to tomorrow's meeting divided. There is an assumption that if the ECB does not will to make changes in its communications policy, EUR / USD punch 1.12 south. Most likely, instead, the controller simply will correct other parts of the opening statement in a more hawkish direction. "

The terminal number 1 in the world to operate in the financial markets.

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