Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hedging Martingale EA

Hedging Martingale EA

Hedging Martingale EA - automatic system.

Advisor uses technical analysis to determine the trend and follow it. The robot uses hedging when changing trend and waiting for a new trend, and using the martingale grid.

Advisor is simple to use and works on all cylinders.


  • EA name - the name of the adviser: Heging Martingale (can be changed)
  • TakeProfit / StopLoss - take-profit / stop loss points
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop; is active, if the profit (in points) = TrailingStop + Grid
  • MaxTrades_Martingale - the maximum number of transactions, depending on the balance and your preference for risk
  • MaxTrades_aDay - the maximum number of trades per day
  • Grid - the distance between the two transactions (in points)
  • Lots - the initial auction
  • Multi - lots next trade = Lots x Multi
  • SmartCloseOrders - order number from which the activated SmartProfit
  • SmartProfit - if the profit = SmartProfit, all transactions are closed
  • Drawdown - if the loss = Drawdown x balance, all transactions are closed
  • MaxSpread - if the spread > MaxSpread, the transaction is not committed
  • Range1 (in points) - If the price moves within range1, the transaction is not committed
  • Range2 (in points) - If the price moves outside Range1, but within range2, deals are made. If the price is predelemi Range2, the transaction can not be opened.

You can change the settings TrailingStop, Multi, SmartCloseOrders,
SmartProfit, Grid, Drawdown, Range1, Range2 to produce different results.

Good luck!

Hedging Martingale EA

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