Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Moving Average fullshift

Moving Average fullshift

Moving average, which can be shifted not only to the right / to the left, but also up / down.

It is also possible to select the display mode of the indicator in a line or in the form of points and all other settings standard moving average.

When applying multiple indicators in one window, you can limit the price channels more clearly specifying the boundaries for each of their individual settings.


  • Line_or_Dot - display mode indicator true - in the form of lines, false - as dots;

  • MA_period - period moving average;

  • MA_shift_X - number of candles for X-axis displacement indicator (+1,2,3 .. - right -1,2,3 .. - to the left);

  • MA_shift_Y - number of items to be offset on the Y axis indicator (+1,2,3 .. - up -1,2,3 .. - down);

  • MA_metod - method of calculation of the moving average (all standard methods built into the MetaTrader);

  • MA_price - prices at which the calculated moving average (all price points built into the MetaTrader).

Moving Average fullshift


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